Animals are here with us.

Animals are here with us,

not for us.


Many people believe that we are superior to animals. This apparent dominance is used to exploit them. However, if someone appears to be smarter, stronger or more powerful, it is their duty to protect those who have fewer of these characteristics.



Animals get used for various motives.

Animals are used by humans as pets (slavery), for products such as meat (murder), milk (rape) and eggs and as labour (slavery). They are also used in research (torture), for entertainment (slavery) and in the textile industry for materials such as wool (torture) and leather (murder).







My Story


I was born in a small town in southern Germany. My grandparents ran a medium-sized slaughterhouse. It was normal to see animals being killed with a bolt gun or having their throats slit with a knife. Buckets filled with blood, wheelbarrows with organs and containers with dead body parts were things I saw from a young age.


Eating animals was as normal as it still is for many people. At that age, one of my ideas was to become a veterinarian, but I was never really sure if this profession was the right for me. I always felt I had a divine connection to animals, but I couldn’t relate them to the products I consumed.


When I realised that my consumption of animal products did not match my words that I liked animals, my world changed. I started to switch to a vegetarian diet. Then one day I was cycling through beautiful mountains and meadows where cows were grazing something caught my eye. There was this one straight row of baby cows that I saw from afar. I rode over to take a closer look. All the calves were chained so they couldn’t go to their mothers who were a few metres away to drink their milk. From that moment on, it became clear to me that I would no longer support this animal exploitation by buying animal products and I will make a major impact on animal welfare.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Manager & Consultant

To share my skills, I freelance as a consultant and manager for meaningful projects and companies. For example, in animal welfare projects and ventures aimed at the vegan or plant-based sector. I offer my expertise in leadership, project management and organizational development to advocate for more animal rights.

Documenting and publishing stories


Photos that go beyond words, and words that go beyond the visible. Through my lens, I spotlight the unseen stories of animals in a world dominated by humans. Through my lens, I illuminate the often unseen stories of animals in a human-dominated world. From the heartwarming bonds between rescued companions to the harsh realities of exploitation, my images are meant to inspire compassion, spark conversation and advocate for a world where the rights and welfare of all living beings are valued and protected. Each photograph tells a compelling story that encourages the viewer to reflect on the deep connection between us and the animal kingdom and to start a collective call to action for a more compassionate coexistence.

Convincing with good food

Recipe Book Author

No one would claim to want to do anything bad to animals. It simply tastes too good. Too little choice and too complicated preparation are often the hurdles cited to switch to a plant-based diet. My idea is to find the best dishes for each country in the world that are rooted in the culture, which are already vegan or can be made vegan with simple changes to the ingredients without losing the flavor and spirit. For each country, I selected breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. With simple ingredient checklists and preparation steps, it’s fun to cook delicious vegan global dishes and create a better world for animals.

The book will be out soon and can be purchased right here in print or digital form. Profits will go towards my other projects to make the animal world a better place.

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80% of 100%
Have good conversations and let compassion emerge

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) is a global, non-profit animal rights organization that specializes in educating the public about animal exploitation through talks and standard footage. Taking a stand against all forms of non-human animal exploitation, street actions are held around the world to encourage the public to support animal rights, go vegan, and advocate for animals.

Documenting and sharing stories

Animal Save Movement

Animal Save Movement is a global network of activists who stand at the gates of slaughterhouses to help animals in their last minutes. In addition to vigils, they also focus on public relations. Reports, pictures and videos are shared on social networks like Facebook and Instagram to open people’s eyes and make them aware that the piece of meat in the supermarket or at the organic butcher is not just any product or consumer good, but a sentient living being.


With You, Change Happens!


Being kind to animals because of moral reasons.


Plant-based diet because of health reasons.


No animal products because of environmental reasons.