My focus

In the end, there are endless ways to get involved. I believe that you can only make a difference with a clear focus, my main focus is animal welfare and animal rights.

Share knowledge

Be a mentor

I would like to pass on my accumulated knowledge and experiences as well as inspire other people. Very few people have reached their current life situation on their own. Most have been fortunate enough to be accompanied by someone along the way. A friend, family member, supervisor, or colleague took time, motivated, and made sure to step out of their comfort zone. Even a little motivation or some important advice could have been the share to take initiative.

Educate and share knowledge

Speaker for animal rights

I want to inspire other people to question their relationship to animals. As a speaker, I intend to drive change in society with my presentations. I advise restaurants, businesses and schools, sharing my knowledge and perspectives. I tell my own story and talk about how I came to veganism.

Convincing with good food

My recipe book for minimalists and travelers

No one would claim to want to do anything bad to animals. It simply tastes too good. Too little choice and too complicated preparation are often the hurdles cited to switch to a plant-based diet. With my recipes, which describe in simple steps how to create delicious dishes with just a few ingredients, I tackle exactly these hurdles and thus create a new perspective on plant-based nutrition. The focus is on the preparation of the dishes, which means no big story about the author or how the dish came to be. Little text and lots of appealing pictures to motivate and whet the appetite for plant-based cooking.

The book will be out soon and can be purchased right here in print or digital form. Profits will go towards my other projects to make the animal world a better place.

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80% of 100%
Have good conversations and let compassion emerge

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) is a global, non-profit animal rights organization that specializes in educating the public about animal exploitation through talks and standard footage. Taking a stand against all forms of non-human animal exploitation, street actions are held around the world to encourage the public to support animal rights, go vegan, and advocate for animals.

Documenting and sharing stories

Animal Save Movement

Animal Save Movement is a global network of activists who stand at the gates of slaughterhouses to help animals in their last minutes. In addition to vigils, they also focus on public relations. Reports, pictures and videos are shared on social networks like Facebook and Instagram to open people’s eyes and make them aware that the piece of meat in the supermarket or at the organic butcher is not just any product or consumer good, but a sentient living being.