We divide your coliving into the different departments and sub-departments. I introduce you to a system that enables you and your team to do the right things at the right time to improve your coliving business. With this method we focus on the truly important tasks and work with each other in a transparent and committed way.

850,00 €

exclusive VAT

I consult you in the creation of two digital project management Kanban boards. With the help of these, you can get an overview of the current status of your departments in your coliving business. I share with you my knowledge in project, process and time management to learn how to do the right things at the right time with transparency and quality.

To set up the project management boards and explain the operating methodology to you and your team, we need an appointments for five online session. There we discuss your individual requirements, identify your departments and current tasks. The tool we use is free of charge using the standard functions.

You get an overview of all your business activities that visualize feelings, facts, and their processes. We divide your company into the different departments and I give you a methodology that you and your team can do the important tasks with focus, transparency and efficiency.

  1. You book the service on my website.
  2. You receive an email from me with the invoice and a link to schedule the first appointment.
  3. I explain the project management methodology to you.
  4. We adapt the methodology to your individual requirements.
  5. We set up the project management tool.
  6. I train you and your team in the use of the methodology.

Yes, most of my clients work with me on a long-term basis to improve the methodology.

The client and his team are finally the people who decide on the development, action and communication plans. The success of the methodology depends on the commitment of the client.

The consultation fee has to be paid in advance by bank transfer before the first online meeting.

You have more questions? Here are some options:


Use the contact form and write me. I look forward to receive your questions or feedback.


Use the appointment calendar and let’s talk in an online meeting. I look forward to speak with you.