A picture doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be important.

Daniel Bastian Budnik – Documentary Photographer

A picture doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be important.

Daniel Bastian Budnik – Documentary Photographer

Painting Workshop 1

Painting Workshop 2

Painting Workshop 3

Canary Vulcano Tour 1

Canary Vulcano Tour 2

Canary Vulcano Tour 3

Cayak Tour 1

Cayak Tour 2

Cayak Tour 3

Coffee Tour 1

Coffee Tour 2



My name is Dani, I am a documentary photographer and business analyst.

I enjoy capturing your individual motives that show important moments and scenes. To capture the complete customer journey of your tour, to remember the most beautiful moments of your event, to document wildlife and nature and to transmit the impressions of your campaigns and activism—you can count on me.

I take photos that people will see in the future, they not only convey memories, they tell a story, trigger emotions, release feelings and portray animals and our environment in an authentic and honest way.


I take all the relevant pictures for your specific topic. Whether it’s a rafting adventure or a meditation circle. The result is that you have images that you can use for content creation and as marketing material.

With my experience as a business analyst, I process, interpret and document business processes, products, services and implement software by analyzing existing data.

I understand my role as a business analyst to increase the efficiency of your company through my knowledge of IT and business functions.

With the component of digital marketing, which means connecting with potential and existing customers using the Internet and other forms of digital communication, I help you become more visible and promote your products and services.

I enjoy brainstorming and find creative and unique ways to develop an authentic marketing strategy.


What is the customer photo-journey-map?

Customer photo-journey mapping is a visual representation from the customer’s point of view using your product.

The reason for creating a customer-photo-journey-map is to understand the path and channels your customers take to get your product. It is a valuable tool that can help future customers understand your brand and product and help you to make it better.

You can use them for your website, videos (e.g. reels), flyers and other forms of online and offline marketing instruments.



I take pictures that your next client can’t wait to book your product. They will be excited and know what to expect. You are able to define a customer journey and develop your product.


I will contribute all the knowledge, ideas and innovations from myself and from all the organizations I have worked with. At the same time, I trustfully keep all the internals and secrets that need to remain safe.


I provide you the point of view that you can’t get by yourself. The view of a guest who is absolutely authentic and honest with you. I make neutral and solution-oriented suggestions, no judgements. Only constructive and necessary feedback.


I use my creative thinking with clear analysis, open-mindedness and problem-solving, organizational and communication skills to find new ways to implement and do things.


+49 761 / 791 19800


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