I’m Dani. I’m a full-time minimalist traveler from Germany who loves empowering colivings to improve their business.

I want to make an impact on your coliving, resort, hostel, hotel, or community.

I’m Dani. I’m a full-time minimalist traveler from Germany who loves empowering colivings to improve their business.

I want to make an impact on your coliving, resort, hostel, hotel, or community.

“I analyze your current situation, give you suggestions and feedback, and ask you the right questions to improve, automate, and streamline your processes and behaviors.”

solo entrepreneur and coliving consultant






You dream is hosting people? Let me help you.

We will find your vision. This is the most important part. It describes the essence of your product. It answers the questions that are at the forefront: Who are you? What is the product? What problems does it solve? What is the product meant to achieve?
It’s like the North Star, a lighthouse for a ship.

We find your audience. Who are your customers? Who do you want to address?

We prepare your finances. How much money do you need? Where do you get it from? What do you use it for?




You are ready to host the right people? Together we make it happen.

We define milestones. Milestones are powerful components in achieving your plan, because they show key events and let you keep going forward.

We create a kanban board. A Kanban board is an excellent visual tool that gives an overview of the current work status and facilitates communication within you and your team. It is also a key element of the Kanban method that helps to optimize and continuously improve every process. Visualizing work on a Kanban board increases productivity and eliminates chaos.

We create activities and additional products and services. There is so much more to offer than just a bed, food, and a roof. To build community, we create activities, products, and services that matches your vision.




You are hosting people? Let us build a home and establish a framework.

Your place is as individual as the people who visit it. Design, develop and improve it with my services.


With my experience as a business analyst, I process, interpret and document business processes, products, services and implement software by analyzing existing data.

I understand my role as a business analyst to increase the efficiency of your company through my knowledge of IT and business functions.

Through theoretical learning and practical work as a project manager, I have developed the ability to lead the work of a team to achieve goals within the specified boundaries.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with business owners, hosts and team members.

With the component of digital marketing, which means connecting with potential and existing customers using the Internet and other forms of digital communication, I help you become more visible and promote your products and services.

I enjoy brainstorming and find creative and unique ways to develop an authentic marketing strategy.

Experience design is about creating events and experiences that are aligned with the needs of your key stakeholders—your guests. This applies to the entire lifecycle of an event or experiences, from preparation to follow-up.

To improve existing offers and to find and develop new concepts, I put all my creativity at your disposal.



I provide you the point of view that you can’t get by yourself. The view of a guest who is absolutely authentic and honest with you. I make neutral and solution-oriented suggestions, no judgements. Only constructive and necessary feedback.


I will contribute all the knowledge, ideas and innovations from myself and from all the organizations I have worked with. At the same time, I trustfully keep all the internals and secrets that need to remain safe.


I quickly identify and define problems, suggest possible solutions, evaluate the options, and together we choose the best possible approach. Then we implement the solution and evaluate the result.


I use my creative thinking with clear analysis, open-mindedness and problem-solving, organizational and communication skills to find new ways to implement and do things.

MY REFERENCES: Coliving Hostel improvements

VeGa Community: While researching a digital nomad scene in Honduras, I quickly found out that this country is a blind spot on the DN map. I like these types of challenges, so my first impulse to the hosts Veronica and Gabriel (VeGa) was that I could found a group on Facebook for digital nomads in Honduras. They both agreed, unless I told them there would be one in a few minutes. So together we created the first group to connect DNs who want to experience Honduras and…

✔️ Implemented a project management kanban board to focus on the tasks with the highest business value.
✔️ Implemented a business overview kanban board to get a feeling of the status of the different business areas.
✔️ Created roles and responsibilities.
✔️ Defined new products, events, pictures, and graphics.
✔️ Implemented a communication strategy and a kanban board to plan the social media postings.
✔️ Improved Google My Business and the SEO of the website.

MY REFERENCES: Coliving Hotel transformation

Natura Luxury Hotel: During this major transformation in work and life culture, where the digital nomad lifestyle is increasing, and remote workers want to travel while working for a period of time, it’s not just the colivings who are interested in attracting people who will stay in their accommodations long term. But a coliving is not just a room with a bed, a chair, a table and wifi. So Andres and me…

✔️ analyzed all business tasks, ideas and opportunities
✔️ installed helpful organizational tools and software
✔️ analyzed the entire customer journey
✔️ created a marketing and social media plan
✔️ developed a new pricing table for short and long term stays
✔️ improved the sales funnel
✔️ collected and designed new activities
✔️ created graphics for social media
✔️ took photos of the entire customer journey
✔️ took photos of the beautiful nature and the modern, minimalist accommodations
✔️ created a workaway account to attract helpful like-minded people to the place


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