The program offers you the opportunity to develop yourself personally and to realise the things that were previously only thoughts and dreams.

Find out more about yourself and your personality, conduct a comprehensive behavioural assessment and release past experiences and thought patterns.

Know yourself better

Clarify your vision, purpose and goals.

Dream with a plan

Design your own personal development plan.

Change something

Develop new habits and practices.

Realise your potential

Become better at what you are good at.

Change the game

Accept your reality, embrace the lifestyle you aspire to.

Design your personal manifesto

Your personal action, branding and communication plan.

Create a new you

Update your CV, your online presence and your self-description about yourself.

Imagine your self-created new lifestyle

Experiment with it and explore your possibilities.


My coaching takes place in the form of in-depth conversations. I offer a neutral and external perspective. Our dialogue remains strictly private.

I share ideas, thought-provoking insights and practical tools to help you gain clarity, more autonomy in your projects and more control over your time and activities.

I create a safe environment based on mutual respect. No judgement. Only positive and constructive feedback. I am on your side. Only the two of us are involved in the coaching.

I question, challenge and support you. You are always in full control of your decisions, activities and plans.

My open questioning helps you clarify your vision, overcome obstacles and solve problems on your own terms. I provide content for your self-reflection.

I help you to clarify and reflect on your decision-making process. I can hold you accountable and help you track your progress and development.

I spend my time helping people,


I help you to improve your quality of life in 4 weeks. I am not looking for extra hours to sell, but for satisfied clients who will recommend me to others.

I am a solo-entrepreneur. My ambition is creating and managing innovative ventures. To share my skills, I work as a freelance project manager for meaningful digital projects and as a coach to help people create their individual lifestyles. While traveling the world, I consult coliving communities to develop them into a beneficial, sustainable and successful business.

As a documentary photographer, I work for various companies and NGO organisations to capture special events and the environment. To make the world a better place, I advocate for animal rights and create minimalist vegan recipes.

With the help of my self-taught skills, I am constantly building on my assets, talents, and strengths. I help the people I surround myself with to do the same, if they want to.

I am a minimalist traveler who loves meeting inspiring people and experiencing new places and adventures.

I am passionate about meaningful digital projects, starting and developing innovative businesses, documentary photography, discovering vegan food and supporting animal rights.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with people through this coaching. 

I am curious to know how they personalise their lifestyle to lead a meaningful and active life based on quality of life, mindset, attitude, self-care and social responsibility.

I coach people, advise companies and manage projects.

I meet with my clients via online video calls. Scheduling with my clients takes place via the booking tool on my website. The counselling fee must be paid in advance, by bank transfer, before the joint work can begin.